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Meet The Cast


Kristen Williams

An experienced

Dungeon Master and player, Kristen loves all things D&D, her kids & playing games.

When not delving into the mind of Ameila, she is found running the

Hoarding Around

podcast as the DM and its editor.


(& Silver Doof)

Lance DMs the space adventure 20 Sided Adventures Space Daze. When he isn't head first in a D&D world, he is taking care of his 7 furbabies.  

He enjoys writing, doing the art thing and annoying his better half Seth.



Momentus is an
all-around goofball that loves playing and (rarely) streaming video games, listening to music, and playing D&D.



Jonathan runs local Star Wars 5e
and D&D 5e games, enjoys creative writing and immersing himself in story telling.


John is an ordained minister and has married a couple dressed as Darth Vader.


Kat Valentine

Kat is a proud Boricuan queen and is a retired army vet.


Her love for lasagna and Disney music is surpassed only by her passion for DnD and the Fable series.


You can find her working closely with the Savannah local gaming community.