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2021 | 1 Season

Fantasy Fiction, Horror, Action Adventure

S1:E1 Saugatuck, Michigan

Join Ray, Star, Nifer, and Oz as we explore a Ten Candles story of horrible consequence.

Meet The Cast

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Oz is amazing. There will be a bio here soon.

Ray Merz

Ray (she/they) is an avid storyteller, an enthusiastic artist, a work-in-progress geologist, and a pretty okay TTRPG player hailing from the Frozen North.

She’s often found wandering the woods with a podcast in her ears or listening to music while she crafts.

When she’s not busy playing a character, she occupies herself with cooking up new and horrible terrors and doing funny voices as a DM for her college buddies. She enjoys long walks on the beach, convoluted storylines, and pages of backstories.

Savannah Hensley

Savannah, also known as Star, started her tabletop journey back in 2012 with the Pathfinder RPG system.

She played all the way through college, first getting her feet wet as a DM in 2014. Since then she has run games for Pathfinder Society both at her local game store and nearby convention, DragonCon. In 2016 she picked up 5e for the first time, and has now fully switched over to the newer system.


When not playing D&D, she is usually prepping for D&D, creating D&D related art, doting on her two dogs, or lurking as a creature in the darkness at her local haunted attraction.

She can be found on Instagram at @rockingyourstar and @rockingyourstar_minis, as well as frequenting the
 Nerd Asylum Discord channels.


Nifer is an artist, crafter, voice actor, and streamer in the TTRPG community. You can find them on TNA and over at TPKRoleplay causing mayhem in several streams a month. Additionally they are a Community Ambassador for Jasper's Game Day.