The Hidden

By The Nerd Asylum

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A Post Apocalyptical Faerun Zombie Interactive Charity Stream.


Join us every other Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on Twitch to watch LIVE.

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Meet The Cast


Rachel Todd

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Rachel Todd, also known online as Dragon Bait, is a Missouri girl living in an Ohio world. When she isn't listening to podcasts (or playing in one of the many podcasts she is involved in), she can often be found writing horror stories and crafting.


When she isn’t playing as Shilo on Barovia Beckons, she can be found in 20 Sided Adventures and Roll for Weird.


Ray Merz

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Ray (she/they) is an avid storyteller, an enthusiastic artist, a work-in-progress geologist, and a pretty okay TTRPG player hailing from the Frozen North.

She’s often found wandering the woods with a podcast in her ears or listening to music while she crafts.

When she’s not busy playing a character, she occupies herself with cooking up new and horrible terrors and doing funny voices as a DM for her college buddies. She enjoys long walks on the beach, convoluted storylines, and pages of backstories.

Dungeon Master

Joseph Timmis

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Joseph is a

full-time nerd and enjoys coffee and gaming.


When not DMing

The Hidden, you can find him in various other projects all across the world wide web.



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Keekar can usually be found in the Nerd Asylum Discord.


Seth Johnson

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Cas (they/them) is a Pacific Northwest cryptid with an addiction to clickety clackety number rocks.


Between podcasting and gaming they enjoy camping, hiking, and that lovely fresh dirt smell right after the rain. Their favorite genres are sci-fi, fantasy, mythology and folklore. When out and about, they enjoy cosplaying at comic conventions or sharing mead with strangers at the renaissance faire.


When at home, they are part of a futuristic actual-play podcast titled 20 Sided Adventures, and at the whim of five spoiled cats.