Sun Runners

By The Nerd Asylum

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Join the crew of the RSV Banneker and explore the universe through time and space in this Dark Matter charity campaign.


Watch live every Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on Twitch to watch LIVE.

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Meet The Cast

Ronald Taylor II

  • Twitter

Ronald has enjoyed playing Dungeons & Dragons for 9 years, roleplaying since 2011.

He enjoys playing Mass Effect games

(yes, even Andromeda)

and watching or reading all the Spiderman's content he can.

Ronald will fight you if you claim that My Hero Academia is no good, and can be found at any given time with a BBQ pulled pork sandwich.


When not playing Hades in Sun Runners, Ronald can be found supporting his local Savannah gaming scene and is working on releasing a podcast soon.

Amy Strain

  • Twitter

Amy is a baker by trade and has always been a lover of stories in any form. TTRPGs are her favorite form, however, and she has been participating in different systems for about fifteen years.

Currently, she’s involved in this lovely Dark Matter stream with The Nerd Asylum and is in two podcasts: “Cornfields and Kobolds” and “Not Quite Heroes” (which of course, you can find anywhere you find podcasts. You’re smart! Google Exists! She believes in you!).

Her other hobbies include annoying her fiance, Amber, and trying to wrangle their cats into a somewhat peaceful coexistence. 

Peter Romenesko

  • Twitter

Peter grew up right-next-door to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin - home to TSR & TSR Hobbies - and began playing role-playing games early.


Peter and his childhood friend Travis co-founded Demiplane where they both work to connect Players and Game Masters across the US.


Peter is a huge fan of both Star Wars and D&D, and thinks playing "Sun Runners" with the Nerd Asylum is an awesome experience!

David Brink

  • Twitter

David Brink is a unique gamer that brings strange amounts of sass to his games. His love of turbo iced coffee is surpassed only by his passion for D&D and all things SciFi.

When not playing in Hoarding Around you can find him working on multiple different Nerd Asylum streams and raiding the coffee cabinet.

Matt Brown

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Retired jock, cat dad, miniature painter with far too many minis to paint, and avid tabletop nerd. When not playing B33T5 on Sun Runners, Matt can be found on the Hoarding Around Podcast and hanging out in the Nerd Asylum discord server.