Nerd Asylum Alliances

The Nerd Asylum is a community of Nerds who love to celebrate their passion for gaming and nerdy hobbies.

There are so many awesome nerds out there doing amazing things,
and the nerds below are some of our favorites.

Please check out our good friends below!



Find your next adventure!

Demiplane matches GMs with adventurers & offers tools that enhance your gaming experiences. 


Majestic Goose Network

Podcasts and Streams!

A podcast network that seeks to bring laughter to listeners through tabletop actual play shows.


Abide Asteria

 Where Sci-Fi and Fantasy meet.

Abide Asteria is a new Pen and Paper RPG that uses a normal deck of cards instead of dice.



Play Games Heal Kids!

An online grassroots movement working to save local kids through the power of play.


Let's Be Friends

We love nerds and geeks!

Let's be Friends. If you have a nerdy/geeky hobby share it with us today!