Shadow Nations TTRPG

Shadow Nations is a TableTop RolePlaying Game (or TTRPG)

based on rolling for percentile. (Using either a d100 or two d10s) 

Play as a Vampire, a Cryptid, A Demon, A Celestial, or one of many other Genuses and further customize your character with Talents, Traits, Senses and More!

Wander earth in any time period as an experienced member of the Shadow Nation,

or play as a new recruit and uncover the intrigue of a shared world with other inteligent creatures, each with a desire for territory, power, and influence. 

All this and more can be found in the world of the Shadow Nations!


Shadow Nations is an all new "roll over" percentile based tabletop roleplaying game.

Shadow Nations can be played ion any time period, but essentially "The Veil" must be honored. 
In order to keep the many diffrent and often times warring creatures accountable, a hidden governing body was created to enforce the laws and regulations of the Shadow Nations.

Create a highly customozable character and dive into a world of roleplay unlike any other.

For more information about Shadow Nations, read below.

This page will continue to expand as the lore and mechanics do.

Basic Character Creation


Genus is a taxonomic rank used in the biological classification of living organisms. In the Shadow Nations TTRPG , all manner of creatures are playable.


This section covers the fourteen currently playable Genera.



Talents are a type of natural aptitude or skillset that your character has and can develop over time.

This section covers the eleven currently playable talents.


Traits are a characteristic of an organism that can be the result of genes and/or influenced by the environment. 

This section covers the traits that your character can have or develop.

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