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Prepare for Warp with the Sun Runners and Dark Matter for D&D 5e

So what is Dark Matter? 

If you are a fan of sci-fi and DnD5e and you haven't already heard of Dark Matter, then you are in for wild surprise! There are almost an infinitesimal amount of homebrew settings available for D&D 5th Edition, most of them dealing with the typical mythical or fantasy aesthetics. Any sort of modern or sci-fi genre is generally avoided as the elements of magic and technology seem to be mostly thought of as exclusive and separate. However, our friends at Mage Hand Press have done a fantastic job of melding the two ideas together to create an absolutely stunning example of sci-fi Dungeons and Dragons in their setting book titled "Dark Matter". It is a must have science fiction conversion that includes spaceships, space combat, new alien races, class archetypes, feats, and spells.

Dark Matter is a setting conversion for D&D 5e with sci-fi elements and adaptations. The supplement is a great way to include some of these elements in your D&D games without feeling unfamiliar and can be extremely flexible for the needs at your table. Whether it’s for a campaign or even just a one-time event, Dark Matter is the supplement for you should you wish to employ blasters, laser swords, pulse rifles, hacking, aliens, and spaceships into your game.

What will I find in the Dark Matter supplement?

Inside the Dark Matter supplement, you will find a vast collection of lore, as well as all new sci fi races, classes, skills, spells, and monsters. It is perfectly designed for easy to launch campaigns within familiar territory, or running off to explore your own planets and enjoying adventures in space.

New Playable Races

In addition to the traditional races offered in the 5e Player’s Handbook, the Dark Matter supplement offers several new space-faring races and sub-races to explore the galaxy. This includes the fluid-like Amoeboids, the sun worshipping Avia-Ra, the insectoid Skathari, the aquatic Nautaloids, and more. Each new playable race is accompanied by stunning artwork and includes a collection of lore that brings these new options to life. Racial traits are well balanced and have an abundance of lore and backstory written into them.

New Sci-Fi Classes

Dark Matter presents a whole new class called the Gadgeteer, as well as many new subclass options for the traditional DnD classes. Barbarians can choose the Path of the Wrecker, Clerics can venerate the Domain of the Void, Fighters can be the iconic Space Marine, Rogues can become infiltrators and focus on teleportation technology. There are so many options jam packed into this massive 298 page supplement. They even include options for Mage Hand Press’ own class creations such as the Warmage, Shugenja, and Gunslinger.

Amazing Science Fiction Vehicles

With a whole chapter dedicated to ships, Dark Matter has you covered for all your space traveling needs. The vehicle chapter is filled with information about ship types, speeds, distances, weapons, combat maneuvers, Racial and Legendary spaceships and more. It has a table where you can build your own ship, and even upgrade a ship with different options.

Aliens, Spells, Feats and More!

Towards the end of the over 290 page book is a list of additional spells and technologies, equipment, Feats and backgrounds, as well as a whole bestiary that includes everything from rogue AIs, to enormous space wyrms, to fluffy psionic squirrels and more. But the greatest thing about the Dark Matter supplement is how flexible it is. You really can use this to adapt to any science fiction setting such as Star Wars, Warhammer, or even Dr Who.

So Where can I see this stuff in action?

Well, you are certainly in luck, with their current Kickstarter at over 600% funded and gaining momentum every day,

there are quite a few groups who are streaming this content for you to check out. Our very own Sun Runners is a weekly interactive charity game using the Dark Matter supplement and their lore. Watch a Vect bard in the cargo bay, an Avia-Ra navigator, a Dark Elf security officer, a space Gnome mechanical engineer, and a human pilot as they venture across space aboard the RSV Banneker. You can catch Sun Runners LIVE on our TWITCH every Sunday at 9 PM EST. The show is also uploaded to YouTube for those who can't make the live show and can be found HERE. You can also find other Dark Matter streams below. So, if you’re looking for a sci-fi stream, or you want to see how other people play DnD in Space, check out any of these streams.

You can support Mage Hand Press and their latest project the Dark Matter Starter Set 

on their Kickstarter page: https://bit.ly/DarkMatterKickStarter Check out Mage Hand Press Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/mfov

And stay up to date on MHP news and releases on their blog: http://mfov.magehandpress.com/

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