Extra Life - August 2019

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Join members of the Nerd Asylum along with some special guests in our monthly charity stream for the kids at Akron Children's Hospital.

Each month, the Nerd Asylum hosts an interactive TTRPG one shot for charity, where viewers have the opportunity to donate to those in need while at the same time effecting the outcome of the game. Will the intrepid adventurers make it through this month's stream? Only you can decide!

Donation Tiers

Each amount donated by viewers grants a special reward for the player of your choice. The higher the amount donated, the more of a help it will have on the players. Additionally, a donation of ANY amount will enter you into our monthly dice raffle!

Donate $1 - Gift a Potion of Healing (2d4 + 2 Hit Points) to your choice of player. Donate $2 - Cure a current status effect (disease, stun, curse, ect.) of your choice of player. Donate $5 - Gift a Potion of Supreme Healing (10d4+20 Hit Points) to your choice of player. Donate $10 - Grant recovery of class abilities and spell slots to your choice of player. Donate $15 - Grant Bardic Inspiration (+1d12 to any roll) to your choice of player. Donate $20 - Solve the current puzzle or disarm a nearby death trap. Donate $25 - Grant advantage on the next roll for each party member. Donate $30 - Summon a wild Behir as your choice of ally or foe. Donate $40 - Gift the benefits of a long rest to your choice of player. Donate $50 - Divine intervention deals 10d10 damage to a single foe of your choice. Donate $75 - Divine intervention will resurrect a single character of your choice.

Any donation of $100 or more will score you a set of the monthly dice and will also have the following effects on the game:

1) Divine intervention deals 10d10 elemental damage of your choice a single foe of your choice. 2) Summon a friendly Androsphinx to assist the party for the next 10 real life minutes or 10 rounds. 3) The entire party is gifted the benefits of a long rest. 4) Disarm any death traps and solve any riddles within the next room of the dungeon.

Dice of the Month

At the conclusion of each Extra Life stream, we give away a set of dice to one person who donated during the stream. This month we will be giving away a set of Wild Magic dice from Tabletop Loot!

In addition, this month we are also lucky enough to be able to offer an additional prize. One donor will win a shot glass Game On Custom Designs from the selection below!

Game Information

Catch the stream live on August 25, 2019 - 12 - 6 p.m. EST at twitch.tv/the_nerd_asylum

Join us on Sunday as we fight to stay alive in a live play through of The Legend of Acererak!

Somewhere under a lost and lonely hill of grim and foreboding aspect lies a labyrinthine crypt. It is filled with terrible traps and not a few strange and ferocious monsters to slay the unwary. It is filled with rich treasures both precious and magical, but in addition to the aforementioned guardians, there is said to be a demilich who still wards his final haunt. Be warned that tales have it that this being, who goes by many names, Acererak, possesses powers that make him nearly undefeatable! All accounts conclude that it is quite unlikely any explorers will ever find the chamber where the demilich lingers, for the passages and rooms of the tomb are fraught with traps, poison gases, and magical protections. Furthermore, the demilich has so well hidden his lair that even those who avoid the pitfalls will not be likely to locate their true goal. Only large and well-prepared parties of the bravest and strongest should even consider the attempt, and if such a group does locate the tomb, they must be prepared to fail. Any expedition must have magical protections and weapons, and must be equipped with every sort of device possible to ensure survival.

The lich Acererak, also known to many as Death, has recently made his presence known by sending forth his minions, Pneumonia, Meningitis, Leukemia, and Diphtheria, to kidnap children from a local orphanage. The Goddess known as Mercy has gathered together heroes from across the multiverse to dive into the depths of despair and hopelessness and bring light to the darkness. Our heroes will go deep into the lich's lair, risking life and soul to rescue the children from death. YOU can join them, and assist them in their efforts.

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