Charities and Champions Stream

Joseph Timmis of the Nerd Asylum will be teaming up with members from Real Women of Gaming, DnD Grandma, and more for an exciting and action-packed charity stream.

Welcome to Charities & Champions, a 12 hour Dungeons & Dragons charity live stream where your donations can affect the game!


Real Women of Gaming will host a 12-hour Dungeons & Dragons 5e game to raise money for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, through Extra-Life!


September 28th, 2019, from 9am to 9pm ET






$1,500 for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, through Extra-Life.




Those who donate to Extra-Life using the link above can influence the game in different ways depending on the amount.

$5 - Grants 1 player or the DM advantage or disadvantage on their next roll

$10 - Grants 1 player or the DM an auto-success or auto-fail on their next roll

$15 - Give the players a pack of random goodies

$25 - Add a rule to the current floor (example rule: If a player rolls a natural 1, they have to roll on the Wildmagic Table)

$50 - Give the players a random artifact that they have to use (to be drawn randomly)

The Charities and Champions Stream will take place on September 28 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST

To interact and follow along with the game, be sure to use #CharitiesAndChampions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! We'll see you there!

Welcome to Osparia

The last bastion of civilization in a crumbling world. Everything around you is ancient and dangerous capable of releasing world ending chaos in an instant. But that doesn’t happen, at least not often… It did though, just over 70 years ago the Demon Mammon lead an invasion from Felveneas the last city of elves. He corrupted their seers and magic until they; inadvertently, let him loose on the world, turning those that lived there into demonic visages of themselves. With his army coming from the south and the Kingmakers Orcs invading from the west, as well as the dissent his ear wigs and silver tongues sewn into the powers that be in Osparia, it was certain Suns Gate would fall. It was the people that stood up to the invasion. The Order conscripted its members in every small hamlet and city and held major points through all of Osparia, giving the bureaucrats and well meaning individuals a chance to muster an army to meet them head on. Through devastating loss of life and eternal scarring The Order and the Old Lords held back the invasion from the south and the Wood Elves of the Great Forest held of the Orcs in the East, long enough for the South March; the culmination of Osparias might travelling south through the war torn lands before meeting Mammons legion head on. Osparia one and banished Mammon back to where he came from… Now; 70 years later, Osparia still recovers and the reminders of this catastrophe loom in the sullen battle grounds. The Felveneas Elves have become nomadic and elusive and near extinct. The Wood Elves in the Great Forest protect their land from ALL intruders. The once great Order, defunct. Osparia leaves the old ways behind and progresses forward, putting the power into the hands of the people. Or so they say. Bureaucracy halts advancement. The old nobles clutch their pearls. They scrape and claw and conive to keep then power they have.

Something stirs in Osparia. The lines of reality are blurred in many places. Stories tell of ancient portals that were once dormant are opening up throughout all of Osparia, letting the planes mingle with this world. Could this lead to another invasion by Mammon or is there something far more dangerous looking to conquer this world?

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