2020 Wrap Up

Hello Fellow Nerds!

2020 is coming to an end and while this year was absolutely terrible, The Nerd Asylum wants to focus on the positives of the year. First things first, we would love to thank everyone that has supported us. Everything that we did this year we could not have done without you. So, what did our little community achieve in 2020?

We have had several new shows come out this year as well as some fun community engagement.

Our first long running charity stream is Barovia Beckons which started on May 14th. This is a Curse of Strahd game that is run by Joseph Timmis and originally included Karmaggedon Elf/Roxy (Vex), Savannah Hensley (Echo), Kat Valentine (Eyvin) and Dragon Bait (Shilo) running through Barovia. In Season Two which started on September 3rd, Seth Johnson (Rikki) joined the cast. After a sixteen-hour marathon game, Barovia Beckons Season Two wrapped up for the year. Now is the perfect time to get caught up on this show on our website and our YouTube channel as Season Three drops on Thursday January 7th, 2021.

Sun Runners is one of our charity streams that started on August 2nd and plays every Sunday. Sun Runners is a Dark Matter game. The show is run by Joseph Timmis who leads our adventurers in a space themed game. Players include Ronald Taylor II (Hades Korvex), Amy Strain (Adriadne Circuitbreaker), Peter Romenesko (Quinn Westphal), Dave Brink (Elias Whisperwind) and Matt Brown (B33TS). Season One wrapped up on Sunday December 20th and Season Two will begin on Sunday January 10th at 9pm EST. Now is the perfect time to get caught up before the Season Two begins.

Both shows were set up to help raise money for our Extra Life campaign for Dell’s Children’s Hospital in Austin, Texas. Our Extra Life goal this year was $5,000 and as I write this, we have raised $3,100 which is up from 2019’s $2,732. Thank you so much! We know that not everyone could donate but any amount of support that happened this year has been so appreciated! We also want to thank everyone that helped out or came to watch the 24-hour stream of Extra Life on November 7th.

Currently in our store, we have three limited edition items. A t-shirt, a poster and a tumbler that say, “Damn Nature, You Scary!” This shows one of the final scenes from the sixteen-hour stream of Barovia Beckons! Remember these are limited edition and once this extra life is over, these will leave the store. All proceeds will go toward this year’s Extra-Life campaign!

We are not ready to announce what our Extra Life Campaign will be in 2021, but we do plan on having one. Please keep an eye out on our website as well as social media so that you won’t miss the announcement.

While DralaCon was originally planned as an in-person convention in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Nerd Asylum quickly moved everything online as COVID-19 started to wreck con season. We had several live shows, panels and more on a Discord server. We had 327 people that joined the server at the time of the convention. For something that had to be done very quickly, we want to thank everyone that could join us. While online cons are not the same as in person ones, it was still a good time and we were glad to connect to nerds as much as we could. There were several live shows as well as panels. Some of the panels can be watched on our YouTube channel. You can check out topics such as Into the Streamverse, RPG to Real Life, Healing Word, World Building and You, Guide to Podcasting and many others. On top of these panels, we had nine different live shows and three workshops hosted on the server. This convention couldn’t have happened without creators, viewers and nerdy people like you out there supporting us. Thank you everyone for getting there and making Dralaconline great this year.

Now on YouTube! In December, we decided that we wanted to reach 100 subscribers when we were at about 76 and we crushed it so quickly. We are now sitting at 110 subscribers on YouTube! Thank you so much for helping us reach our goal! If you haven’t subscribed, please do so as there will always be a chance to catch up on all of our previous shows. YouTube sent us this breakdown earlier in the month to show us how much we grew. Some of it is a little out of date now with the increase in subscribers but we just want to thank you all for getting us there! All future shows that stream to our Twitch channel will be uploaded to YouTube, usually within 24 hours of the life show.

During 2020, we also had more community engagement in our Discord. With activities such as watch parties and gaming together. We have been playing Monster Prom with many of our Discord members voicing different characters. We also started Little Miss Fortune. Our watch parties have included movies such as Die Hard, Jingle Jangle, Mama Mia, and many more.

On top of the charity shows we started, we also started Remastered with Joseph Timmis and Lauren Brink, where they play retro games like the original Mario. 2021 will come with more games, community engagement, shows and much more.

We are adding three new charity shows. Every other Monday starting January 25th, we will have a Vampire the Masquerade game called The Nerd Asylum by Night. Storyteller will be Savannah Hensley with players being Joseph Timmis, Kat Valentine, Dragon Bait, and Seth Johnson! Come join our dysfunctional little vampire and ghoul family as they go through their unlife.

Every other Tuesday, we will have Neverwinter starting January 12th. The GM is Joseph Timmis with players being Ronald Taylor II, Mark DeHaven, Kat Valentine and Gabby. Find out what advantages will happen in Neverwinter!

Every other Wednesday starting January 13th, a modern Faerun zombie apocalypse game GMed by Joseph Timmis. The players for this game are Seth Johnson, Keekar, Ray Merz and Dragon Bait. See if they can survive the zombies and find a safe place to live.

We also have new podcasts lined up for 2021 as well. Xanathar releases earlier today, January 1st. Xanathar has released his “guide to Everything” to overwhelming success and retired. The city of Waterdeep has had one hundred years of peace and very little crime. But things are starting to stir in the city and our heroes must find out what is causing the disturbances before it is too late. Is it the return of the infamous Xanathar? Come solve the mystery with our adventurers.

Ilvermorny releases on Friday January 22nd. Join the first years at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as they begin to make friends and learn magic together. This game uses the Hogwarts game setting instead of using Dungeons and Dragons. What kind of things will they learn? What kind of trouble will they get up to? Come on this magical adventure and find out.

Eredin releases on Saturday February 20th. This story takes place 20 years before Geralt of Rivia. Join us in this dark horror story. Players will be using the Witcher game system. What monsters will our heroes face during their adventures?

We hope to have you all join us in the coming year! Please keep an eye on the website and social media for additional information and updates.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

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