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16 Nerdy Podcasts You Could Be Listening To Right Now

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

There are so many wonderful podcasts out there in the wide and wild world of content. So, how do you find the perfect nerdy podcast to listen to once you've finished all the big names like Critical Role, The Misfits Podcast, and The Adventure Zone? To answer that question, we've collectively perused through many hours of content and have found a few notably nerdy and geeky podcasts that you might not be aware of. Give them a listen now wherever you get your podcasts.

While you're at it, make sure you check out some of our in-house shows such as Hoarding Around, Rage of Nerds, and Always Cloudy In Exandria. We left them off our list as they are easily available right here on this very website. (You should certainly give them a listen though). So, without further ado, here is a list of amazing nerdy podcasts we recommend for you to dive into!

1. Chasmquest

Now in their second season, ChasmQuest has a very rich lore and a fantastic story with plenty to listen to. Andrew Palmer does a wonderful job as the DM creating a story that is both engaging and beautiful while Micah, Brad, Taylor, and Collin are all rowdy and joyous throughout the series. They have a great library of world lore built up on their website and a vibrant and engaging Discord community. If you are looking for a romping good DnD 5e podcast, this is a must for your list. Listen NOW Twitter Instagram Discord

2. Not Quite Heroes

Not Quite Heroes is a great podcast that plays DnD 5e through a community-built world. Stephan Garcia DMs this amazing group of players as they explore the collectively created world. They have a community Discord Server that you can join and keep up with the cast and crew as well as meet like minded nerds who enjoy dnd5e. If you are looking for a podcast that you can also be a part of, you can't miss out on the Not Quite Heroes podcast. Listen NOW Twitter Discord

3. The Lovelycraftians

The Lovleycraftians are an all female Chicago-based Call of Cthulhu podcast playing the 7th edition rule set with some hombrew here and there. Cassie does a wonderful job painting an eerie and spooky setting, while Ashley, Sade, and Samantha play characters that are both easy to connect with and that you will grow to love. The Lovelycraftians also have a Discord Server where you can meet the cast and crew and talk about cosmic horror, books, video games, and other nerdy past-times. If you are looking for a spooky adventure through 1920s Chicago, this is a definite add to your listen list.

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4. 20 Sided Adventures

The 20 Sided Adventures podcast is a fun and silly romp through space using the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition rule set. Lance takes his players all across the cosmos, and Abon, Rachel and Cass have created wonderful characters that both cause raucous laughter and tug at your heartstrings. They have a community Discord Server and welcome fans to join them in discussing the show as well as join in some text based role-play. If you are looking for a heartwarming sci-fi flavored D&D podcast then this is a can't miss. Listen NOW Twitter Discord

5. Nerds of Prey

Nerds of Prey is a biweekly nerd culture podcast that covers everything from Star Wars, to Marvel, to TV shows and music. Shannon, Cameron, Lauren, and Mel are fantastically nerdy and enthusiastic while discussing all your favorites. They have currently slowed down with new episode releases, but there is plenty of awesome backlog to keep you going. If you are looking for a nerd culture podcast that covers all your favorites, this is one you won't want to miss. Listen NOW Twitter

6. Lawful Stupid

Lawful Stupid is a Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast that has recently started a second season. In season one you explore the homebrew lands of Goarahn, and there is quite a tale to be had here. Season two sees a new DM, new lands, and some new players, and is certainly a treat. They have an active Discord community and run charity initiatives like Roll for Humanity and Min Max Mankind.

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7. Multiclass Theater

Multiclass Theater just released the first part of season two and is a tale of adventure, humor, and self-discovery. Rohtan, Silwe, and Mist explore an original world in this collaborative and mostly improvised fantasy adventure. The Discord community is active and ready for more like minded nerds to join in and share their passion for story telling.

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8. Four Orbs Podcast

Four Orbs is a lore rich podcast set in a world built by Dave Cole and the Four Orbs crew. Based around THE RAMORA ORBS, this world has a lot to offer. With over fifty episodes of content and growing, this Dungeons and Dragons podcast is a well of creativity and inspired story telling. Dave creates the soundtrack to Four Orbs and is releasing the music for royalty free usage for anyone on his YouTube page DColeMusic.

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9. Halfway to Heroes

Halfway to Heroes follows the story of four recent graduates of Scrimore Academy, a school meant to train the best of the best to serve as strike teams against the Illithids. Adam is the master of chaos as he wrangles his players Shaun, Dustin, Barry, and Johnny. This chaotic good group of would-be heroes are always looking for adventure and finding it in the most unusual of places.

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10. The Frost Walkers Podcast

The Frost Walkers is a DnD 5e podcast that takes place in Faerûn. What makes this such a great podcast is the chemistry between the players and the community they have built around this wonderful podcast. They have listening parties and a whole ton of fun events happening that really gets you involved in the community which creates an even stronger bond to the characters.

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11. MimbleWimble Podcast

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, then this podcast is an absolute must listen. MimbleWimble is currently on book three, and already have a great backlog of content with much more to come. Make sure you check this out and enjoy the discussions and learn even more about your favorite characters.

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12. Table Talk

Table Talk is a brand new TTRPG podcast from our friends from Critical Crafting where they discusses their various experiences playing TTRPGs. If you are looking for inexpensive ways to make your game more immersive - including music, props, maps, and more then this podcast has a lot of really good tips and advice for you.

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13. Podcast Stardust

If you are even remotely interested in Star Wars, then Podcast Stardust has you covered. Discussing the latest news, and reviews, and discussions on the movies, the animated series, and the extended universe, this podcast hosted by Dennis Keithly and Joyce Krebs will make you feel enthused and right at home no matter what your level of Star Wars knowledge is. Listen NOW Twitter

14. The Family That Games Together Starring DnD Grandma

Now starting their second story arc, the family that games together is a great all-ages podcast that really shows that tabletop role-play games can bring a family together. This is an actual play 5e Dungeons & Dragons podcast starring The DnD Grandma, a 70-something Woman who really loves DnD!

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15. Kinda Nerdy Girls

Talking TV, movies, games & other nerdy things, this podcast is always a fun time and covers all your favorite topics. From Marvel to Supernatural, and from Avatar The Last Airbender to Boy Bands, this group of hilarious nerd girls will keep you informed, entertained, and wondering what the next episode is going to be about. Be sure to give this one a listen as they will most undoubtedly cover one of your favorite nerdy pastimes. Listen NOW Twitter

16. Ghostbusters Resurrection

Ghostbuster Resurrection is an actual-play podcast using the 1980s Ghostbusters role-playing system to tell cinematic, phantom-wrangling adventures. Adjusting the system to be up to date with current cannon, they have adapted this wonderful podcast so that it fits right into the Ghostbusters world. If you like spooky scary skeletons and fantastic phantasms, this podcast is certainly a must listen for any ghost loving nerd.

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Do you want to give a shout-out to any great new podcasts, or there any other nerdy podcasts that you think should have made our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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