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202o | 2 Seasons

Fantasy Fiction, Action Adventure

S1:E1 Is Everything Connected?

Rook, Faye, Arden, Lyra, and Stellan unravel the mysteries of a foul plot as they attempt to make it to Neverwinter.

Season 1
Season 2

Meet The Cast

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Mark DeHaven


Mark is an OG Nerd,

from before the days when it was cool, having played Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

(1st edition for life!).

Having taken a bit of a break, he's back for 5e with a vengeance.


When not playing games, he volunteers as the Communications Team Lead for the Extra Life Indianapolis Guild, and is currently flying around North America (via Microsoft Flight Simulator) for the Flight for the Kids charity project at flightforthekids.com

Ronald Taylor II


Ronald has enjoyed playing Dungeons & Dragons for 9 years, roleplaying since 2011.

He enjoys playing Mass Effect games

(yes, even Andromeda)

and watching or reading all the Spiderman's content he can.

Ronald will fight you if you claim that My Hero Academia is no good, and can be found at any given time with a BBQ pulled pork sandwich.


When not playing Hades in Sun Runners, Ronald can be found supporting his local Savannah gaming scene and is working on releasing a podcast soon.

Joseph Timmis

Dungeon Master

Joseph Is a full time nerd enthusiast and coffee conisuier. You can find Joe on various Nerd Asylum programs and all over nerdy communities.

Gabby Chatham


Writer, cat lover, forest witch living in the city. Gabby, or online tag feywildwitchling, has been around RPGs her entire life. Around 2015 is when she found her passion for TTRPGs, but time is a construct that is very hard to keep up with to an exact degree. All that really matters is that she found it, and it’s hers now.


And the dice,

those matter too.

Kat Valentine


Kat is a proud Boricuan queen and retired army vet. Her love for lasagna and Disney music is surpassed only by her passion for DnD and the Fable series.


You can find her working closely with the Savannah local gaming community.