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Meet The Cast



Tenoch Sekrain

Tenoch has been playing DnD for 5 years and is an avid reader, writer, and dungeon master.

His love for all things Star Wars knows no bounds.

When not playing in Hoarding Around, Sekrain can be found hanging out in the Nerd Asylum Discord server and playing in the Rage of Nerds podcast.


Matt Brown

Dungeon Master

Kristen Williams

Dungeon Mom Theta is a proud mother of two. Her love for reading is surpassed only by her passion for DnD and her kids.


When not DMing and editing Hording Around, you can find her working on Rage of Nerds, both as a player and editor.


Dave Brink

David Brink is a unique gamer that brings strange amounts of sass to his games. His love of turbo iced coffee is surpassed only by his passion for D&D and all things SciFi.

When not playing in Hoarding Around you can find him working on multiple different Nerd Asylum streams and raiding the coffee cabinet.


Joseph Timmis

Joseph Timmis is an avid gamer and a full-time nerd. When not playing Kal, you can find him running or playing in many other games both here in the Nerd asylum community as well as hanging out in Demiplane.

A proud member of The Nerd Asylum and a fan of many different nerdy genres. When not hunting cultists in Hoarding Around, I can be found building and painting miniatures and terrain for games such as War Machine and Hordes, Star Wars Legion, X-wing, A song of Ice and Fire, Guildball and any co-op miniature board game like Gloomhaven and Zombicide.


When the gaming is done I can be found watching or listening to anything Marvel or Star Wars related. I was not always an avid gamer and started it late in life after I was done playing sports. I can still be found at the bowling alley and the Ice rink. Go Blue Jackets!!! I have a wife Allison, of 12 years and we have 4 spoiled fur babies. Yes, I'm a "Cat Dad"!