Current Giveaway
04/19/21 thru 05/01/21

Previous Giveaways


Mimic Dice Vault

We raffled off a Mimic Dice vault to one lucky winner for interacting with the Nerd Asylum community online. There was no purchase necessary to win and entries included following us on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as subscribing on  YouTube, and joining our Discord!

Giveaway Dates

03-24-2021 thru 04-09-2021


Karrie D


Discord Easter Egg Steam Keys

Those in the Discord were treated to hunting for eggs hidden inside through the various text channels and were rewarded with various steam keys for PC games. There was no purchase necessary to enter or win these keys.

Giveaway Dates

Sunday 04-04-2021




JBG Garage Crafts Nerd Asylum Dice Vault

JBG Garage Crafts gifted a Nerd Asylum branded Dice vault to giveaway to encourage donations to our Extra-Life Gameday event on November 7th 2020.

Giveaway Dates

11-04-2020 thru 11-07-2020


Kai S