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2021 | 1 Season

Fantasy Fiction, Horror, Action Adventure

S1:E1 This is Bullyocks!

Join Nyx, Hickory, and Victor as they explore the wonderful world of Pokemon!

Meet The Cast

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Joseph Timmis


Joseph Timmis is a full-time nerd and enjoys creating stories that revolve around his players. When not DMing Barovia Beckons, you can find him all over nerd spaces across the world wide web.




Story Teller

Kai is a resident chaos goblin here at The Nerd Asylum, and retired army vet. He is a long time fan of DnD, JRPGs, and whatever fantasy novel catches his eye. I hope I can help give people something to look forward too just like other streamers have done for me when I was younger.



Hi hello I’m sky I’ve been playing TTRPG for 5 years (D&D 5e) but I’ve been playing Pokémon since pearl and diamond and I I definitely do not subscribe to normality’s let’s have some fun