The Nerd Asylum began as a small group of friends

who met through the online roleplaying app called Roll20.


While playing a Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign in a homebrew world called Dralanor, we became close friends.


One of us joked about hosting a convention and so the first DralaCon was born. We met each other in Ohio and played D&D together further cementing our friendship and decided that we wanted to make fun and entertaining things for people and share our passions for all things nerdy with the world.

Joseph Timmis
Hot coffee is better than cold brew, Husband, Father, Flip-flopper of fandoms, Part-time nerd & full-time gaming enthusiast, Love each other, and do good things. Be someone's light.
Tenoch Bonilla Martínez
Writer, Gamer, Dungeon Master (basically cat herder), Mexican, Slightly over dramatic, Barely 5'5"
David Brink
Cold brew coffee enthusiast, Director of moon base operations, Financial Wizard, Taco lover, Austinite
Alex & Kristen Williams
Couples therapy through gaming, Artists, Parents, Dungeon Masters (which is kinda like parenting - lets be honest), Music aficionados, Resident meme masters
Nick Riddle
Shut in, Perpetual student, Terribly anti-social
Matt Brown
Retired Jock, Cat dad, Table-top miniature nerd with way too many minis to paint, Hockey guy, Mt. Dew addict!
Lauren Brink
Pun master general, Creator of websites, Gamer, Silly hat collector, Cook and sometimes baker of way too many cookies, Gigantic nerd
Dragon Bait is an Extroverted introvert, professional podcast listener, gothy crafter, horrorfanatic, and self described workaholic.
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